Monday, June 12, 2006

CrossPoint Radio Is Always Looking for More Great Music.

You have probably never heard of CrossPoint Radio but it is so awesome. Indie Artists and Great Bible Study. Take some time to check it out because people from 130 countries have already clicked in.

CrossPoint Radio is always looking for more great music. If you are a Christian band or vocalist, own your own songs and would like to be heard around the world, send them some mp3's. They will take a listen and see if you fit in. Next, they will set you up on their website with contact info and location to buy your products.

Remember: Because CrossPoint Radio is a non-reporting station, they can only use songs that are written by you.

Contact CrossPoint Radio at:

Cross Point Radio is looking for some Christian artists who sing in the following languages Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Farsi and Pourtugese. If you know of someone, get them in contact with CrossPoint Radio.

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