Sunday, June 26, 2005

Internet Pioneer Ms Sandra Williams: Celebrating the African American Business Experience

Ms Sandra Williams’ site, Support for Black Business, offers unique Black business listings all in one place. Be sure to check the archives for additional businesses that are listed in chronological order. Bookmark her website and visit weekly as new black business websites added frequently.

A little about this extraordinary Internet pioneer and cultural activist:

Ms Sandra Williams, who is not shy about letting people know her age of 55, has a multifaceted background that has allowed her first and foremost to address people’s personal needs. Ms Williams admits that she has always been interested in research and sharing information with people. When the Internet and World Wide Web opened up to the world, it was just what she needed to continue sharing information with the whole world.

With her mission to show the power of the internet to African Americans, Ms Williams is also fearful that Black people, by our failure to maximize our use of the internet, are missing a great opportunity to improve our lives. Ms Williams contends, and I agree, that the Internet is a tool that can improve our communities and our lives.

After a medical, life-changing experience, Ms Williams became "powered up" to help others to discover how the Internet could change their lives and currently uses her blog to list black businesses she finds online.

Ms Williams' current project entails using the power of the internet to help her friend, Ms Bridgett Hollingsworth, owner/founder of Bahiyah Black Woman Magazine ( to do research. (Watch for more coverage of this magazine in an upcoming edition.)

Through the use of the Internet Ms Williams has been able to communicate with countless people around the world and find resources that are helpful in running a business from home.

Extremely excited about the people she's met and resources she's found online, Ms Williams set up a blog to list black businesses as she finds them.

Her ultimate wish is that the businesses she’s listed (for free) will consult with each other and use each other's services - a fitting gesture, in the least, we can offer to someone who truly loves what she’s doing – and that happens to include helping people, more specifically, helping people help themselves, or as I like to put it, helping people "maximize their potential".

Remember: When you maximize your potential, we all win! When you don’t, we all lose.

Offering you a wealth of African American businesses and resources, be sure to visit Ms Williams’ site, Support for Black Business, for a life-changing experience of the power of diversity at work in America.