Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Leah Martensen Unleashed Her Third Studio Project

Singer/songwriter and World Vision Associate Artist Leah Martensen released her third studio project on Feb 20th. Leah teamed up with "Paradiso Music" from Nashville, TN. Leah had a desire to do something different for this project, something modern but strong.

Producer John Pisciotta caught the vision for the project and called it "What I'm Not." Together they made a great team.

"What I'm Not" took nine months to create and was recorded at the Sound Kitchen in Brentwood, TN and Paradiso Studio in Nashville.


“In the past, I struggled with the ‘What I'm Not’ concept, yet God was calling me.

I was sure that if He was calling me, He must be expecting great. I told Him: ‘I am just me.’ So I worked at being great, avoiding my calling. Then God asked me this question: ‘What is great in your eyes’? I didn't have an answer. I just knew I didn't want to let Him down.”

Once Leah reconciled the fact of God looking at her heart and attitude rather than her being the very best singer and performer on tour, her ministry took off.

As she put it: “It's not about how much talent but what you do with what you have been given. I figured out a little biblical secret and I want to pass it on.” Quoting portions of the lyrics from “What I’m Not’: “‘What I'm Not’ is really ‘Who He Is’ and ‘What I Want to Be’, because.... ‘Where I'm at’ is ‘Where He Is’ and ‘He Loves Me for Me’ and ‘For What I'm Not’. That is way cool! Give it a moment to sink in. You'll get it!”

Leah traveled for 8 years with an ensemble that sang in big arenas with major label artists. But as she started to do solo work on the side, she found freedom and ministry in being an independent artist.

“As an Independent Christian Artist, I get to call the shots. I have the freedom to go where God leads. I wouldn't want it any other way.”

That leading has crisscrossed the eastern half of the USA visiting churches, conferences, coffeehouses, fairs and festivals. It resulted in ministry in South Africa and Asia. God has expanded Leah’s ministry in the last two years. She signed with World Vision, a Christian relief and development organization, as an artist associate. God has used her passion for the helpless around the world to stir many in the church to sponsor kids.

“I have seen the devastation and hopelessness in the eyes of children in the squatter camps of South Africa. No clean running water, no toilet facilities, no nutritious food, minimal clothes and no school. The only thing in abundance is disease and death. We can all be missionaries without leaving our home, make an eternal impact on a child, a family, a community on the other side of the world. That really gets me excited.”

“I've been singing all my life and traveling the last 16 years. I get to do this with my husband of 21 years and I love that we can grow together in this ministry. We count it a privilege that God would allow us to join with pastors and churches in their ministry.”

Delivered with energy and passion the songs on ‘What I’m Not’ crystallizes the message Leah has being telling over the years.

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