Saturday, July 30, 2005

Caring Enough About Kids to Do Something to Keep Them Safe When They Play

Children love to run, jump, swing and climb, which makes outdoor playscape systems the ultimate for kid entertainment. Parents need to feel confident that their children are safe on playscapes. Children's Safety Solutions cares about your children and their safety. At Children's Safety Solutions, we saw a need to improve the safety of playscape systems. Thus, we have developed the perfect product to allow kids to enjoy their playtime and give parents that necessary peace of mind.

So . . . what exactly is a Play Safety Net?

Well . . . The inspiration for developing the Play Safety Net came shortly after my husband and I purchased a playscape for our two-year-old daughter. As a mother, my biggest fear was that she and her friends could fall from the upper fort area.

The Play Safety Net covers the opening in the upper fort area of playscapes, preventing toddlers and, of course, all children from tumbling off the high platform.

The Play Safety Net attaches to the playscape by lacing a nylon rope through the holes in the border of the net and around the structure of the playscape. This unique, high-quality product provides long-term safety for kids and gives peace of mind to parents knowing their children are safe while at play.

The Play Safety Net is made of a durable, woven polyester mesh fabric that has a coating of weather resistant vinyl. This coating adds a layer of protection to shield the Play Safety Net against the damaging effects of wind, rain, and sun, thus, keeping your Play Safety Net in great condition for many years.

The grommet hardware used for the holes in the border of each Play Safety Net is made of brass which resists rust and corrosion.

The Play Safety Net has a two-way zipper that allows for easy in and out access. The zipper is made of nylon, which is mold- and mildew-resistant, and is specifically designated for outdoor use.

The Play Safety Net is available in three bright colors:
  • red,

  • blue, and

  • yellow.

    The Play Safety Net
    Children’s Safety Solutions, Inc.
    d/b/a PlaySafetyNet
    PO Box 1211
    Granbury, TX 76048
    Phone: 1-800-813-7751

The Play Safety Net design and concept is the sole property of
Children's Safety Solutions, Inc. of Granbury, Texas.
The Play Safety Net has a U.S. Patent Pending.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The ionKids System Gives You Peace of Mind and Might Just Save Your Child's Life

The ionKids System was designed with both ergonomics and simplicity in mind. It consists of two components: a comfortable, unobtrusive bracelet for the child to wear and a convenient base unit a parent can easily carry and operate.

Base Unit:

The parent or guardian uses this small, easy to use device to monitor the location of the WristagT wearer. The Base Unit, a handheld device, allows parents to monitor up to four Wristags simultaneously.


This specially designed, tamper-resistant and water-resistant bracelet is worn by the child. The Wristag is designed to be fun to wear and requires no interaction on the part of the child. ionKids Wristags adjust to fit snugly against your child's skin, and contain a strong locking mechanism that cannot be easily opened without a key, which comes with the Base Unit.

How They Work Together:

Wristags transmit a signal to the Base Unit from up to 350 feet when outdoors and up to 200 feet indoors. Because it uses a point-to-point wireless communication system, the ionKids Wristag does not rely on cell towers or satellites to locate your child-so cloud cover or a building's roof will not prevent you from finding your loved ones.

Every few seconds, ionTechnologyT simultaneously changes the transmission frequency, Wristag ID and corresponding information in the Base Unit, significantly reducing the chances that a third party can scan or monitor a child's Wristag. In addition, each communication between an individual Wristag and its Base Unit will be transmitted on a different frequency, making it possible for multiple Wristags to be used in the same close environment without transmission interference.

The underside of the Wristag is equipped with sensors that detect the presence of the child's skin. If the sensors perceive an excessive gap between the Wristag and the child's skin, it immediately activates the Wristag alarm and sends a simultaneous "tamper" alarm to the Base Unit to warn parents of the possibility that the Wristag has been improperly removed.

Here’s what parents had to say about the ionKids system:

"I have had the ion-kids units in use now for a week and don't know how I managed without them! Not only do they work as described, but my son Charlie, who has autism, when his unit indicates that he has gone out of range, he comes back into range to keep his unit from beeping.

I never knew he would do that. My husband and I are finding that the kids are staying with us more because the old hide and seek game has ceased to be a game. We are not yelling and searching all over stores for them anymore. We use our FIND button. Game over. I just want to thank you for this product, we love it."
C & J Bowser, May 31, 2005

Click here to learn about ionKid Systems in the news.

The ionKids Systems are available at:

    SpecteComm, Inc.
    Mr. Gregory Berlanga
    16505 La Cantera Parkway, Suite 833
    San Antonio, Texas 78256

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Fed Ex Kinko's Business Centers Providing Outstanding Community Service

When I needed a temporary business office to do some online work, I was referred to Fed Ex Kinko's here in San Antonio. I was pleasantly surprised to learn the wealth and extent of services the local business centers offer to the community (small business people and individuals as well).

The business center I visited and now call "home" is located in the Huebner Oaks Shopping Center.

Greeted and assisted by Mr. Larry Jenkins on my initial visit, I was extremely impressed by the outstanding level of customer service he rendered - and did so cheerfully, promptly, and genuinely making me feel not only welcome, but as if I had come back home after a long stay overseas. He did not mind my interruptions and barrage of questions and was only to willing to offer assistance.

I am delightedly pleased to endorse this Fed Ex Kinko's Business Center and encourage you to utilize their services, if you haven't already done so.

I searched the internet to find one closest to me. Based on my search, I found are 7 locations offering business and shipping services:

Here is their information:


Hours of operation:

    Open 24 Hours,7 days a week

Last Express drop off:

    Monday-Friday: 7:30 PM
    Saturday: 4:00 PM

Last Ground drop off:

    Monday-Friday: 6:00 PM

Special Services: