Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Khadijo: Virgin Islands' Own Musician, Producer, Choir Director, Instructor, and Teacher

KHADIJO, musician, music producer, choir director, instructor, and teacher, was born in the fall of 1972 on the beautiful island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. He started learning his instruments in selected stages of his life: the piano at the age of 5, the xylophones somewhere in the mid- teens, and the congas his second year college.

After his years of university studies, his attention turn to recorded music, which lead to a deep and significant relationship with his music partners of
Triptych Music Group.

It wasn’t until his international move to Bermuda that his true inner sound emerged. This website is just a short documented form of his life thus far of what he has done and the potential to do in the future. So go on,…tour the site listen to the sounds, see the pictures, buy the albums or a song, and learn more about

Since the debut album of
"After All This Time" broke out, KHADIJO has been working on new music almost everyday. KHADIJO feels very unfulfilled if he doesn’t at least play one of my instruments throughout some part of the day. Hence, why it never ends for me. After the rush and slight success of the debut, KHADIJO turned his attention to new stuff, which ultimately became "Journey Through", an album that exemplifies the deeper sounds on creative level that existed within him.

"Journey Through" begins with a soothing and subtle hint of something exotic, but then it quickly dispels that notion to bring you out of the tropics...and into the modern day studio with the acid groove jazz headliner track appropriately named, "Groovology". From there the album travels into the land of electronic, hip hop, and dub reggae music. "Journey Through" is out and here to stay.

So, go ahead and listen to
"Journey Through" .

Love Life…Love Music.