Friday, January 04, 2008

Just Who is Jane Musoke-Nteyafas?

Here's what Mr. Gerald Businge said about her in his review and interview first published in July 26, 2007 on To read his review of, and interview with, Ms Jane Musoke-Nteyafas, click here.

Today, Jane is a recognized poet, author, visual artist, playwright and soon, you will be listening to music from Jane. While you may think growing up in a multi-cultural environment might make one lose their identity and sense of self, Jane, who was born in Russia, lived in Uganda, France, Denmark, Cuba and currently resides in Canada has taken every advantage to grow into a better global citizen. Jane is an inspiration to many people, especially those looking for what to do to earn a living or wish to look at themselves more closely, identify and utilize their talents as well as know and love themselves (positively) as the best person there is.

Who is Jane Musoke-NteyafasJane believes the best way to empower oneself is through education and self-love, which she has given herself in adequate amounts. Many people think that to be special and to achieve success in life; you need to act like a celebrity. Jane, however, says everyone is special and can achieve what they want if they set their goals and t
argets right, and put themselves in the right frame of mind. This applies to beauty too, a major area of her works.

Interviewing Jane makes you think you are talking to an interesting professor. She gives perspectives on world trends, personal development, and exudes a positive self-image. You find yourself hanging onto her every word as Gerald Businge found out in an interview with Jane recently."

Ms Musoke-Nteyafas is one of the Africa authors in the book, Author Africa 2008, compiled by Ms Winona Rasheed. Click here to get your copy.

Author Africa 2008