Saturday, September 24, 2005

Motivational Speaker Richard Saldan Rivets Audiences to Their Chairs

. . . with his stunning professional Magic!

Richard is available for Keynotes, workshops and seminars on personal motivation, selling skills, technology and public speaking. Richard utilizes the most powerful teaching tool on Earth: MAGIC!

His ideas, messages, strategies and first-hand stories of achievement will inspire your people to become enthused, excited and committed to action!

"Give me just 135 minutes, and I'll give your people my best hard-won secrets, strategies, and techniques to overcome any obstacle. Gain freedom from fear. Turn any setback into success! When people recognize the awesome power within, it's a breakthrough discovery of magical proportions!

“What once seemed impossible is now well within reach. With renewed energy, enthusiasm and understanding, staying focused on the goal until it becomes reality is much easier."
-- Richard Saldan

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