Sunday, November 25, 2007

Family Crest Takes Flight

When they started out as Backyard Bluegrass in the 1980's, Dennis and Sue Amon's band included their children, Corey, Kelly, Kim, and Casey. Not one to sit still, this family band could be found playing their hearts out at charity events, bluegrass festivals, family parks, churches, and campgrounds.

In 1994 Sue and Dennis formed Family Crest after the children grew up and went on to pursue their education at their universities and colleges. However, as Sue and Dennis ventured out on their own, they vowed to keep the values of the family band first and foremost.

With the help of Vic Mullen, they recorded their first CD in 1996. Their three CD's have sold a combined total of over 10,000 copies at their live performances. Originating in Nova Scotia, they have played hundreds of venues over the years in the Maritimes and New England.

A song writer, Sue recorded some of her songs on their gospel CD. When asked, "Why was the name, Family Crest, chosen?", Sue enthusically responded,

"Just as a family crest represents who you are, our music represents who we are. Our music is played from the heart and our original songs give the audience a glimpse of our lives and beliefs."

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