Monday, February 12, 2007

Linda G. Martinez: A Christian Latin Nightingale Sings to the Abused about God's Love

Born and raised in New York City, Linda started her studies in music at an early age following the encouragement of her father who recently passed away. With a great love for music himself, he always encouraged Linda to love it, respect it, and make it part of her life.

At age 11 Linda moved with her parents to Puerto Rico where she studied voice and popular singing at The Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and became more active in Christian music. With 4 Christian CDs recorded in Spanish, Linda continued her studies in music with a vocal coach and personal friend. It was in 1992 that Linda, by the glory of God, won the Christian festival Festival Lira of Puerto Rico with the song Mi Deseo de Alabarte (My Desire to Worship You). It was after winning the Christian Festival that Linda recorded her first CD.

With a BA in Communications, Linda counts music as her real passion.
"Music is my life! It's what I breath. I thank God for giving me this talent. Music is what my soul loves.Music is my passion and my calling from God."

As a child abuse survivor, Linda likes to tell her testimony or story at her concerts and share with her audiences what she has experienced because she knows how abused people feel. Having been there, Linda knows they feel hurt, pain, sorrow, sadness, and bitterness with a lack of self-esteem. They tend to see others as much better than themselves because they feel so lonely and always hurting deep inside. Linda knows how all this feels because she's been there.

A sensitive soul who is passionate about God and music, Linda feels that music can say so many things with a song. When she listens to a beautiful voice or a well played instrument, she feels like angels were playing the instruments or singing with such beauty and peace.
"Music is a lovely blessing that God gave us."

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Linda likes to sing with her Christian band in prisons, shelters, juvenille detention centers, streets, Christian concerts, or whereever there is a need of hope, love, and salvation.

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