Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bonnie Bounds: The Welcome and Making Friends Lady

A native of Illinois, Ms Bonnie Bounds, with her pleasant and friendly smile, enjoys sharing her story of how she became the owner of Making Friends Welcome Service, Inc.

Maintaining a close friendship with Terri, the creator and founder of, Bonnie provides the same courteous service that chartered the business of welcoming new parents, newcomers, and newlyweds.

I urge you to contact Bonnie to learn how her techniques will be helpful to your business, community, club, or organization.

Making Friends Welcome Service, Inc. was established in 1989 and has been faithfully welcoming people to the area each and every year. Bonnie's business targets newcomers, newlyweds, and new parents by going throughout the Quad Cities and the surrounding area, visiting these three categories of people in their homes, and meeting with area businesses about having their information in the welcome baskets.

We should never neglect or take for granted the people of our community whether they are newcomers, newlyweds, or new parents who need this friendly service. This is a time of change in people's lives and it is a great time to give of ourselves to those in these, their special times. Bonnie Bounds will share with you how to do this most effectively.

Give Bonnie a call today at (309) 796-1145 or send her an email at for more information!

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