Saturday, September 29, 2012

LaVerne Isaac's Starting Up Her Camp Funtastic

Opening October 6, 2012 and operating every Ms LaVerne Isaac will be providing a safe place for children. With enrollment on Saturdays especially the days when you may may have have to work or have other engagements, you can always take your child to Camp Funtastic for safekeeping childcare.

Operating out of the Winston Raymo Center on St. Thomas, Camp  Funtastic serves children, ages 3 to 13 with services to include lunch, snack, basketball, volleyball, arts and craft, pantomime classes, homework assistance and tutorials, painting, and much more.

If you reside on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and are looking for this kind of service, call 340-714-3747 for more information or contact Ms. LaVerne Isaac on Facebook at