Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Christine Cruz Wears Many Hats!

Let me introduce you to Christine Cruz who lives on Long Island, New York. A busy person and wearer of many hats, Christine is a Business Analyst for the IT industry, a Christian musician with her husband, a web and print designer, and the owner of an online store of Christian wear.

Christine started her online store to sell Christian clothes (t-shirts, sweatshirts, and baby clothes) after running into stumbling block online searching for Christian shirts for her husband and herself. They were so hard to find. She always hit a dead end but never gave up.

Instead throwing the towel, Christine decided to open her own store where she and her husband can have easy access to Christian t-shirts they can wear in their shows and in public. It was their great way to get the message out and get people interested in God's Word.

Visit Christine's store at:

Show the Word

and her web and print design site at:

Designs in Faith

where she has created and drawn all the designs herself
and where some designs were from her own ideas
while others from the ideas of others.