Monday, November 27, 2006

VisionsXpressed: Tammy Arceneaux's Contributions Help Christians Declare Their Faith.

VisionsXpressed is very dear to the heart of Tammy Arceneaux, Owner, Art Director, and Designer. Although the road was at times bumpy, God has held her hand and has guided her through this amazing adventure, one filled with the awe and wonder of God's power and love! Inspiring and filled with meaningful new friendships, Tammy's journey has indeed been a true blessing in her life.

VisionsXpressed provides the uniquely bold, fun, and fashionable way for young and "young at heart" Christians to declare their faith to the world. These product lines are bold expressions of faith, ranging from serious to fun.

VisionsXpressed is the exclusive designer of D+O+G (Declarations of God) Tags and The BBold4God Collection t-shirt line.

  • D+O+G (Declarations of God) Tags are unique 2-D designs that are custom-cast with smooth round edges. Each piece has a true electroplated antique finish and is individually hand polished. Made of 100% lead-free zinc, they are available on a 24-inch ball-bar chain or adjustable leather and is elegantly tucked away in a black velour drawstring pouch. WARNING: These are NOT your usual style dog tags!

  • The BBold4God Collection t-shirt line is based off of the exclusively designed D+O+G (Declarations of God) Tags. You can now wear a t-shirt to complement your tag! Shirts are available in black, for that extra bold look, or white, for a bold yet subtle look. Whichever look you choose, your faith will be declared in bold style!

Visit VisionsXpressed to purchase a D+O+G (Declarations of God) Tag and a t-shirt from The BBold4God Collection. There are now five designs to choose from, with 31 more waiting in line for production as VisionsXpressed grows. These tags and t's are already getting a lot of attention, so be one of the first in your area to have one! You may want to collect them all!

Tammy Arceneaux
Owner/Art Director/Designer

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Susana Hernandez: Composer, Flute Psalmist, Singer, Teacher

Susana Hernandez: Susana Hernandez was born and raised in a Jewish home. After meeting Jesus as her Messiah, Susana began to compose songs in English and Spanish and began to use her flute as an anointed psalmist.

Currently living in Colombia, South America, Susana is married to Norman, a Colombian national, and travels all over to teach and lead prophetic worship.

Cerca de Ti, SeƱor, is a worship experience that will take you into the presence of God, such as an eagle soars higher and higher.

Recorded in Spanish but appreciated by all who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, Susana composed all of its songs. It includes a flute solo and duet by Susana as well.

Lyrics and chords are available
upon request.