Sunday, October 18, 2009

Janiece: Devoted Mother Doing Her Part for Internet Safety Education and Awareness

Internet Safety education and awareness is not "just a job" for Janiece; it is her passion. This devoted and committed mother has given her all when it comes to internet safety for children's sake.

During the past 4 years, Janiece has been extremely busy on their behalf. Janiece has initiated activities and responsibilities in which she:
  • has spear-headed Internet Safety education and awareness in her region.

  • has become the Regional Office of Education Number 26 Internet Safety Coordinator.

  • is the Chairperson of the Macomb Online Safety Team (MOST), a committee she assembled to brainstorm online safety issues.

  • writes a regular newspaper column regarding online safety.

  • is a contributing writer for various other online websites.

  • is the Feature Writer for Suite101, in the Internet topic.

  • works with over 6oo children every single week in a computer lab environment.

  • works in the Technology Department for her children's school district, assisting staff and children with their technology needs.

  • has created and implemented a seven-week Internet Safety curriculum for all second and third graders at her local elementary school.

  • has developed presentations for parents and educators.
For the past seven years, Janiece has been employed by the Macomb School District. Working in both the Junior/Senior High and Elementary Schools, Janiece supervises the computer labs, create lesson plans for the 600 children who utilize the lab every week, and provide technical support to staff and students.

In 2004, while researching information for a school curriculum committee, she began looking into issues concerning children online. It became apparent there was a definite need for Internet Safety education in our area. Since children need to be educated and made aware of potential dangers and threats that may confront them online, Janiece developed a personalized Internet Safety curriculum for the elementary school second and third grade students. For four weeks, the children learned basic Internet Safety utilizing highly interactive lessons.

This fall, the lessons were expanded to seven weeks, delving into important issues that were not covered last year, including cyber bullying. In the months that followed, due to the hard work and dedication by many, Internet Safety education expanded to other schools in her children's school district.

This job later expanded to the Regional Office of Education’s Internet Safety Coordinator. The first task on her agenda was to form a committee and the MOST (Macomb Online Safety Team) was born with Janiece serving as the chairperson. This is a group of hard-working individuals who have come together to help educate the community, and each other, in order to spread the word regarding online safety issues.

For the past three years, Janiece has devoted many hours researching Internet safety issues as well as participating in ongoing training. A writer of a newspaper column regarding Internet Safety issues and concerns, Janiece is fulfilling her goals, one by one. As her initial goals became a reality, Janiece moved on to her next project, that of an anti-cyber bullying campaign, something very close to her heart.

As a parent of two teenagers, a former police dispatcher, someone who works with hundreds of children in a computer environment every week, and someone who has spear-headed Internet Safety awareness in her area, Janiece is providing a unique perspective that empowers the public, both online and offline, with insight and the tools to keep your children safer online.

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