Friday, October 31, 2008

Barbara Invites You to Her Forum, "Creating Abundance and Love"

Barbara Kurtmann, an Animal Communicator from Vienna, Austria, welcomes to you to her new forum, Creating Abundance and Love.

It was created in order to help everyone gain abundance in their lives - What are you willing to give of yourself for this to happen? and Are you willing to promote her forum to help yourself and everyone else achieve this goal? This is an important goal for her.

Personally, Barbara intends to:
  • give everyone Tender Loving Care as best she can.

  • do her best to help everyone enhance their lives.

  • promote the forum daily day and night.

  • give tips on how to change your life.
She wishes everyone to enhance themselves by participating in forum activities, sharing ideas to enhance the forum discussions, and promoting the forum by inviting 2 people a month.

Work as a collective group to raise the energy so that all members are:
  • help each other succeed in their passion.

  • achieve financial security and lots more.

  • gain the best-suited business partner.

  • increase their business' productivity.

  • healthy, or to become healed.

  • obtain the best-suited job.

  • increase their salary.

  • find their soulmate.

  • find their passion.