Sunday, October 22, 2006

"jeske!" - A Family That Plays Together

The husband and wife song-writing team of "jeske!" is inspired by scripture, spiritual experience, and family life. This musical family of four, each of whom play their own instrument, brings quality musicianship to the stage. Say "Hello!" to the fun-loving music ministry of:
  • Paula, Mother, Songwriter, and Producer of all their music, who plays Roland keyboards,sings lead and harmony;

  • Claus, Father, who plays Fender Stratocaster electric and Taylor acoustic guitar, sings lead and harmony;

  • Brittney, Daughter, who plays an Ibanez 5 string bass guitar, sings lead and harmony; and

  • Charley, Son, who plays Mapex drums, Alchemy cymbals, and uses Vater sticks.
While their music crosses a variety of musical stylings, their original compositions include gospel music styles that move from foot-stomping, hand-clapping country to Caribbean styles - from catchy singalong pop/rock to beautiful doxology worship music. Cautious that each tune carries a message with obvious roots in Scripture, they create and play music that is presented with a fresh and inspiring dynamic.

The spiritual character of the band is consistant with the message of the songs delivered. You will be strengthened and motivated through the ministry of "jeske!"

Because "jeske!" is passionate to produce music that is original, inspirational, and relevant, they have delighted audiences everywhere they have traveled and played.

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