Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shamik Jones Is Breaking Stereotypes and Pushing the Envelope in Music

From the streets of Staten Island, New York emerges an artist and minister who likes to break the stereotypes and push the envelope of creativity.

With his skill for music evident in his involvement in many genres, Shamik Jones' desires to express Christ in music are displayed in his Godly lifestyle in everything he does.

Ministering in church since the age of sixteen, Shamik is currently the Minister of Music at his church, KeyWord Ministries, in Staten Island, New York where he writes, produces and arranges for the choirs and praise group. Shamik has a heart to see God's life (Eternal Life) ministered in every medium possible.

Check out his website and you'll see there is more than that meets the eye.

Contact Shamik at:

Phinehas Music
Attn: A & R Dept.
121 Grandview Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10303

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Meet Olivia Stith: Author, Elder, Graphic Designer, Motivational Speaker, and Teacher

Olivia Stith is a down-to-earth person who enjoys meeting spiritual and positive people.

A teacher and Elder in the minsitry that teaches Biblical studies, Olivia runs her new business, Trimanna Productions, that covers her book publishing, graphic designs, and motivational speaking.

Because God has blessed her tremendously in those areas, she is stepping out on faith with the belief that all that has been done is in the heavenlies.

To learn know more about Olivia, visit her at:

or email her at: