Sunday, February 10, 2008

Anne Whitfield, An Author Extraordinaire in Our Midst

Anne Whitfield has been writing for ten years and been a reader for a lot longer. A love of historical fiction started at an early age and soon the stories in her head demanded to be heard. While researching for her hobby genealogy, she began to write her first novel. The stories that had been her company for years suddenly became real on the page.

Having written nine novels, Anne is also active within the writing and reader community. An active member of Romance Writers Australia, Romance Novelists Association UK, Historical Novel Society, and romance conferences held in Sydney, Anne has volunteered to be a part of the new romance readers convention to be held in Australia in 2009.

She runs a successful historical fiction critique, which in the five years it has been operating, has helped fifteen authors to become published and has gained a successful reputation. Along with her novel writing, Anne is currently one of the acquisitions editors at Enspiren Press. And, along with speaking at local libraries and bookstores, Anne is keen to interact with readers and encourages fans to contact her through her many avenues on the internet.

Here's her library of published novels:
  • Broken Hero, 2008;

  • Her Shadowed Heart, 2008;

  • Woodland Daughter, 2008;

  • A Noble Place, 2007;

  • The Gentle Wind’s Caress, 2007;

  • Gossamer Wings, 2006;

  • Kitty McKenzie’s Land, 2006;

  • Kitty McKenzie, 2006, and

  • Long Distance Love, 2006 .

Be sure to visit Anne at: