Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Suzanne SnoSavenski, Christian Author of Suspense Novels, Finds Her Calling

A Christian author of suspense novels, Suzanne SnoSavenski was born in Carmel, California, the oldest of four children.

During the early part of her marriage, Suzanne received a typewriter from her husband. With a strong desire to type, Suzanne searched for topics to type about. An idea that came to her was one that she feels was the Lord’s way of telling her to put her feelings and experiences as an abused victim into a book.

Suzanne only got to five chapters when her youngest son accidentally trashed it. Putting it aside as a lost, Suzanne gave up on it until her husband found it in 2004. Suzanne’s decision to finish it was put on hold because she felt that she “had a lot of spiritual growing to do.”

Having increasingly grown into a Godly woman who wants nothing more than to lead people to God, Suzanne has finished three books. Feeling that sometimes she doesn't have the right words to minister to people, Suzanne hopes her books will speak for her.

Her second book, Raging Fire, is now available as an ebook.

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