Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Give Omar K. Alley Your Support and Vote!

Here's a Christian young man who recently decided to pursue his music again as a way to share with others some of what he's seen God do in his life through His son, Jesus Christ.

Hoping to share something that will make you think God has more to offer than meets the eye, Omar has preached, led worship services, and conducted drama teams for the last two years while working at a full time job.

As seasons came and went, and changes occurred at his church job, God dictated to him that it was time for him to step down from his current duties to pursue a new avenue of ministry. Thus, he is finally attempting to do so with all the songs that could not be used in bands where he was a member, but that his wife absolutely loves and adores.

Wait to see what God's plans are for Omar and his family. Let him know if you'd like to hear more of his music.

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Vote for Omar Alley at American Idol Underground