Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ms Zee Invites You to Be Sexy 'n Wild in Jacksonville

She calls myself "Jacksonville's SocaDiva", her friends call her "Ms. Zee", while her daughter and her daughter's classmates refer to her simply as "Mom".

A lady of many titles, Ms Zee takes on one more. This year she has taken the reins as "Troop Leader of the VI [Virgin Islands] Eagles Carnival Troop". Passed down from her close friend, Ms. Naila Edwards, Ms Zee is extremely confident in fulfilling her duties, knowing that her mentor, Ms. Edwards, will be by her side to offer assistance and support.

Ms Zee extends an invitation to you to experience something different:
  • Join the VI Eagles for Jacksonville's Caribbean Carnival '07, Saturday October 13th and dance
    in the street for about 5 blocks (good exercise).
This invitation is open to anyone. Virgin Islanders don't discriminate, especially during Carnival!!

With the VI Eagles' theme as "Wildn’ for '07", they are looking for some members to become sexy wild creatures in the parade, "unless they can't handle the pressure of being sexy and wild!"

Making sure that you don't miss a moment of the excitement, fun, and party atmosphere, Ms Zee adds, "Check out for last year's pictures when we were "conch shells" and having a fun time!!

If you can not join us that day, no problem. We will be selling T-shirts and collecting donations before then to help with the extra cost. Please help us keep our culture alive this year, because there may not be a VI troop next year!!"

Also visit Ms Zee at

For additional information about Jacksonville Carnival, see below.

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