Sunday, August 17, 2008

V. Ivana Foster, M.Ed., A Professional Lady of Many Talents

Ivana wears professional hats of Owner, Principal Consultant, Life Coach, Professional Motivational 'SpeakHer', Trainer, POST-IT Instructor, and Instructional Designer. (Click on picture to read her bio as a PDF file.)

Quite a big plate to balance, but Ivana makes it look easy with impeccable charm, wit, and professionalism.

Ivana is a dynamic trainer, professional motivational speaker, facilitator, instructional designer, consultant, and dedicated life coach with over 17 years of solid experience.

Dedicated to her passion involving the enhancing and building of others, Ivana serves as owner and principal consultant of Aspirations Development Consulting Services (ADCS), LLC located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Founded in 1991, ADCS offers training, facilitating as well as consulting services that assist organizations in the development and implementation of integrated solutions to meet their teams' management and leadership needs. All practical and effective solutions are designed, developed and delivered through a collaborative partnership with the organization.

Not only dedicated to assisting the organizations in their achievement; ADCS is goal-driven on assisting Success-Driven Individuals in achieving their life goals by providing on-going collaborative Synergistic Partnership(s) with the client and/or groups.

Action-based life coaching assist each client in the discovery of unrecognized resources within themselves.

Embracing the concept of synergy, ADCS provides customized professional presentations, workshops and seminars that serve to awaken, energize and motivate each group.

Ivana is credited as one of the two instructional and program designers who provided the solid foundation for the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice-Management Development Program (MDP), implemented in 2003. Designed with a focus on the competencies of successful executive leadership, precision communication skills as well as team and organizational development, to date this program has produced successful graduating classes of executive leadership for this agency.

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