Saturday, July 21, 2007

Meet Bridgett Draper, The Encourager

Bridgett, a young lady from Huntsville, Alabama, is a friend's friend, bringing peace and tranquility to the seas of chaos by speaking God's Word into your life.

Furthermore, Bridgett is encouraging you to maximize your potential by seeing the good inside, speaking it forth, and causing His love to envelope and pour forth in words and actions.

But, on the other hand, Bridgett sees herself as "just a simple person with an extrodinary love for God's people which I believe is why God allowed this divine connection and why I encouraged from day one" and who is living a life that pleases God and encouraging others to do the same! What a awesome priviledge it is to serve God and His people!"

"Be encouraged to know that God is everything you need and everything you don't think you need. He has it under control so rest in Him. He loves you that much!"

Now - there's a lady who's truly maximizing her potentail and is encouragiung other to maximize theirs! I'm proud to say that I consider myself her Number One fan!

You go, Girl!

To visit Bridgett Draper Ministries,
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Virgin Islands-Born Janette Brin's Making a Splash with her POSH MAGAZINE

A diverse background in retail, state government, marketing, and fostering opportunities for Caribbean people makes POSH MAGAZINE’s Publisher, Editor, and Founder, Ms Janette Brin, an unlikely player in the consumer magazine industry.

Yet, as a company, POSH MAGAZINE is a unique contender in the arena, and so is Janette. Her mission in creating and nurturing the brand involves so much more than the latest subscription or cover story:

POSH MAGAZINE gives Caribbean people opportunity for a positive and desirable level of exposure”, says Janette, POSH aims to create many educational and business opportunities for the people of the Caribbean”.

Born in St.Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and raised in Tortola, British Virgin Islands and Bronx, New York, Janette received her undergraduate degree in Business Marketing from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland and her MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix.

In 2005, Janette founded POSH MAGAZINE with the help of family and close friends, excited about the possibilities of a business venture that incorporated her belief in enlightening and empowering Caribbean people, primarily women.

Today, in addition to creating and developing new POSH MAGAZINE event products, Janette, the pround mother of her nine year-old son, Keano, travels to spread the great opportunity offered by this dynamic and innovative company. In creating POSH MAGAZINE, Janette has brought a whole new dimension to the world of network marketing.

POSH Magazine is the premier Entertainment & Lifestyle magazine for today’s lover of everything that is Caribbean. The ideal marketing tool for companies seeking exposure among Caribbean consumers. POSH Magazine features personal growth articles, celebrity profiles, and well-reported pieces on political and social issues. While POSH Magazine also looks for articles on careers, travel, health and fitness, it runs short items on community activists and people in the arts.

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