Saturday, July 21, 2007

Meet Bridgett Draper, The Encourager

Bridgett, a young lady from Huntsville, Alabama, is a friend's friend, bringing peace and tranquility to the seas of chaos by speaking God's Word into your life.

Furthermore, Bridgett is encouraging you to maximize your potential by seeing the good inside, speaking it forth, and causing His love to envelope and pour forth in words and actions.

But, on the other hand, Bridgett sees herself as "just a simple person with an extrodinary love for God's people which I believe is why God allowed this divine connection and why I encouraged from day one" and who is living a life that pleases God and encouraging others to do the same! What a awesome priviledge it is to serve God and His people!"

"Be encouraged to know that God is everything you need and everything you don't think you need. He has it under control so rest in Him. He loves you that much!"

Now - there's a lady who's truly maximizing her potentail and is encouragiung other to maximize theirs! I'm proud to say that I consider myself her Number One fan!

You go, Girl!

To visit Bridgett Draper Ministries,
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