Friday, December 24, 2004

Bervine Harris and Darren Quinlan’s Program Is Teaching NY City Youth to Maximize Their Potential!

Known as Renaissance-EMS (Education, Music, and Sports), their program is designed to help youth better understand themselves and others. As Executive Directors, Mr. Harris and Mr. Quinlan are helping youth modify their behavior, build self-esteem, and maximize their potential for life’s expected growth. Visit them here.


Anonymous said...

I know firsthand how dedicated and devoted these two gentlemen are to our youth. Even though they don't receive quite as much recognition as they deserve, they continue striving in order to reach more and more kids. Bervine and Darren have helped so many children and young adults to become well-rounded and prepared for life on their own by teaching self-sufficiency and accountability for one's own actions. I can't say enough in this short summary what would describe all the great, life-changing works that these two magnificent human beings have accomplished. It's more than most could ever dream to attain or achieve in a one lifetime. Not even two life-times full of good deeds could come nigh to what they have done to better this world we live in and its future generations.

Anonymous said...

I am actually one of their music students and i believe that the Renaissance program is the best thing that ever happened to me. These two men are angels and i am just glad to have had them walk into my life. Every childhood should consit of programs like this and i am thankful to Mr. Harris and Mr. Quilan for letting that come true for me.