Thursday, January 20, 2005

Want to Be Part of Internet History Tuesday Night, January 25th?

I hope your answer is YES! because on that evening you'll get access to the internet's fastest, easiest, most economical secret that adds streaming video to your emails and Websites.

Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian, and Rick Raddatz, co-founders of Instant Video AudioGenerator, will show you how it works, even if you're technology-challenged.

Turn up your speakers and click here to instantly see how it works.

Even if you have a schedule conflict on January 25th, get registered now anyway because if you do, you'll also get free instant access to the AudioGenerator recording. That way, you can revisit the important content they’ll reveal on January 25th over and over again for new ideas on how online video can fatten your bottom-line ... almost overnight.

Here's that registration link again.

PS: Once you get registered, don't be shy to refer your friends and colleagues. Armand, Alex, and Rick are going to reveal other moneymaking opportunities (even if you don't have a Webcam).

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