Tuesday, May 24, 2005

AdminProf.com, a One-Woman Endeavor That Turned a Simple Idea into a Successful Website Service.

As an administrative assistant Susan Silva decided to build a website. Like many who want to do business on the web, she instantly thought ecommerce. For weeks she racked her brain trying to come up with something original. She bought an easy to remember URL www.adminprof.com and continued to think. Finally, she came to the conclusion there were too many ecommerce sites out there and put her ideas of creating her little niche on the web aside.

Then one day at work she had a project and opened up the web and went to her bookmarks. It was then she had one of those moments and thought, "Wow, it sure would be cool to put these in one spot on the internet."

At her last place of employment Susan was fortunate to work with many wonderful people. The Administrative Professionals of the company where she worked came together to form a group named ACE (Assistants Creating Excellence). Once a month they would meet over lunch and brainstorm, share, and collaborate on information pertinent to them. The topics ranged from company info, training, personal enhancement, streamlining ideas, sharing resources and contacts.

Most importantly they shared experiences. That is when the idea came to her: between the two concepts 1) Internet resources and info and 2) information from Administrative Professionals all over, she could create a useful website for office professionals of all types.

AdminProf.com was created in August of 1999. It has grown to include resources and articles on careers, links to useful sites, tutorials on software, information on how to start your own Virtual Business and much more. AdminProf.com has monthly articles from experts on Virtual Assisting, Time Management and how to be a better Administrative Professional. Susan makes her living has a Virtual Assistant working for several companies in Northern California but dedicates her free time to the working on and continually improving the website.

Susan’s goal for AdminProf.com is to make a website that viewers find a useful tool and a fun site to visit.

I totally support Susan’s website and endorse her efforts on behalf of Administrative Professionals.

Drop in and visit awhile at
www.adminprof.com/ or contact Susan directly at susan@deskdemon.com for more information on any topics within AdminProf.com.

Notice of Website Changes:

Susan offers the following,

“Well, let me start by saying there are exciting things happening! You may be a bit surprised when you open the homepage. It is not what everyone is used to seeing! But change is inevitable and though it can take you back a bit, change is good."

"AdminProf.com has been my pet project for over 4 years. It has evolved beyond a project into a passion that I enjoy working on and improving. I truly believe the quote by Confucius, and I know I have found that. But ... (there is always a but!) there is only so much I can do on my own. In comes DeskDemon.

DeskDemon is a website with the same dedication to the profession as AdminProf.com. It has been predominantly UK based but has many viewers in the US and has a US section.

DeskDemon contacted me and discussed DeskDemon's goals as well as AdminProf.com's goals and came to a conclusion both websites have the same goals. So, I decided to take the position of the US Editor. Clare Bodel heads up the UK portion as the UK Editor."

"What does this all mean for AdminProf.com? To be honest, AdminProf.com is an extension of me. It has been my time, thoughts, work and passion. Nothing will change except the look and it will be the DeskDemon URL. I will be putting the same effort and dedication I have put into AdminProf.com into DeskDemon, but with the support and collaboration of a group of really terrific people. In the short time I have been with DeskDemon I have already been able to improve the Virtual Assistant Database!"

"Now I have resources I never dreamed of working on my own. It is really exciting. It is still a very personal project for me and I will be adding my personal touch over time.”

Drop in and learn more about the changes at www.adminprof.com/ or contact Susan directly at susan@deskdemon.com for more information.

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