Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Friday Networking Opportunities in San Antonio, Texas

I'm pleased to announce that next month I will be moving to San Antonio where I have had wonderful opportunities to network with Mac Brown, Joel Christopher, Terry Negley ("The Car Guy"), Rex Tallent, and others.

Additionally, I have had the pleasure of attending and joining a fast, up-and-raising networking organization known as the
Friday Networking Luncheon.

Here's your personal invitation from Greg Drew, the Founder of Friday Networking Luncheon:

"If you desire to network with other business people in an effort both to grow your own business and to help others do the same, then this is the place to be, literally and figuratively."

"Join us for luncheon, guest speakers, door prizes, and plenty of networking opportunities."

For more information you may reach Greg at his office line at (210) 789-5364; his fax line at (210) 349-2011; or his message line at (210) 242-5757.

I highly recommend your joining this networking organization.

Visit the Friday Networking Luncheon at

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