Thursday, June 15, 2006

Say Hello to Primo Durna, Your Hispanic Marketing Consultant

Ignacio "Primo" Duran began his career in radio at the tender age of 14; hence the on-air name of "Primo" was started. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Primo moved to San Antonio in 2001, where his love for radio encouraged him to continue in the field of educating individuals about the power of advertising.

Athough Primo saw many business owners invest their marketing dollars wisely, however, he's seen just as many not be as successful.

That's the reason for his website. He wants to help you become better educated when it make to making your advertising decisions.

Active in the community, Primo is an ambassador with the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Primo is available for
free consultation and hopes to hear from you soon.

Visit Primo's website to sign up for his free newsletter.

Please feel free to share his website with other business owners you feel would benefit from it.

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