Sunday, September 09, 2007

Marc and Julie, Julie and Marc: A Perseverance Team Doing God's Work!

Meet Julie

Meet Marc and Julie

Marc is a graphic artist while Julie, his wonderful wife, is a stay-at-home Mom. They believe God inspired them, led them, and directed them to build their website. They were not entirely sure why God did, but their intention is to follow God's leading by implementing the goals given them and all future goals that they have yet to receive. They believe God is bigger than many voices in society insisting that they give up their dreams and become complacent.

They believe in encouraging others to ignore the voices of dream-stealers and to cling to God's voice instead. They believe God gives everyone dreams, talents, and abilities. Thus, they put everything in God's Hands when it comes to their future and future of their site.

On June 26, 2005, Marc became a Christian and was baptized with his wife as their 2 year-old son looked on. Two weeks later they discovered a second child was on the way. They sought God, to understand faith in light of Marc’s recent conversion, a journey they continue upon.

Life was busy. Marc worked first shift, Julie worked second. While one worked, the other cared for their toddler. This question ebbed away at them: Could God really have a purpose for them to fulfill?

March 2006 arrived and so did their second son. Julie went back to work when their son was 6 weeks old. Life wasn’t what they’d envisioned: working different shifts, raising their children as if they were single parents, and having the opportunity to raise them together only on weekends. Besides, they knew God had given them talents beyond what their jobs were using.

During the summer of 2006, after months of prayer, Julie quit her job. They made financial arrangements and adjustments, while God provided many others. They prayed for everything and anything that came to mind for their mission was to give God a year while they work on their talents. Allow God give and guide their goals. God’s plan required them to ignore the fear of their possible destruction and failure and, instead, put their faith, trust, and lives in God's hands.

They pray that you will come to know God or that God will have a deeper impact on your life. They hope to put laughter, spiritual insight, and fun into your lives. They intend their site to be a sanctuary for you where you can to build your faith, along with others you might meet there, and, ultimately have fun together.

They would love to hear from you! They would like to know what God has done for you? How much do you love Him?

Tell them! Tell your friends! Let the world see!

Commit to their challenge:

They would like to host an ongoing list of people from all over the world on whose lives Jesus has had an impact. But they can't do it without your help. So, share, tell us, post your testimonies in the forums.

Please tell Marc and Julie how real your faith is. Tell them what God has personally done in your life. Let the world see and know that He is real, He is here, and He is at work in us and in the world.

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