Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lt Kayla Adams: A Young Lady Being All That She Can Be (What a Role Model!)

Meet First Lt. Kayla Adams, a US Army nurse who served in Iraq from 2005 until this year as part of the Army's Medical Surgical Unit dealing with emergencies.

Just 23 years of age, Lt. Adams has acccomplished more than most people her age having graduated several times: from high school, from Fayetteville State University, and from the Army's Officer Basic Leader Course (OBLC) in Texas.

Still on active duty with the Army, Lt. Adams is currently a graduate student at her alma mater with intentions to graduate with a Masters of Science degree in 2010. There upon Lt. Adams intends to continue serving in the Army as a biochemist.

This high-achiever is not all work and no play. On her off times, Lt Adams is a family person who enjoys reading poetry; listening to all genres of music; tutoring Math classes at her church; and playin softball. As you get to know her, you will see that Lt. Adams is always willing to lend a hand.

This is one young lady who shooting for the moon and reaching for the stars at the same time.

What a role model!

Lt. Adams, when I grow up I want to be like you!

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