Monday, March 03, 2008

What Black Men Think: An In Depth View of Myths, Stereotypes, and Misrepresentations

What Black Men ThinkIyago Entertainment Group Presents

What Black Men Think: An In Depth View of How Myths, Stereotypes and Misrepresen- tations Render Black Men Non-Necessities in Their Communities and Families . . .

In the most provocative Black film of the year, Janks Morton presents a searing examination of the role myths, stereotypes, and misrepre- sentations have played in the decimation of modern era black relationships, and how the symbiotic relationship between government, the media and black leadership perpetuates misinformation to further marginalize the role of black men in society.

Since the triumphs of the civil rights legislations of the early 1960s havoc and decimation has been wreaked on the Black family with a specific devastation on the Black man. With negative imagery of the media, the failed policy of the great society and modern era black leadership abandoning tenets that historically held the community together, a new form of mental slavery has perpetuated an undeclared civil war in the Black Community . . .

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