Thursday, October 02, 2008

Girlfriendology: Debba Haupert's New Business Concept was started by Debba Haupert as a way of expressing her gratitude for girlfriends and inspiring women to spend time with, appreciate, and celebrate their female friendships.

With her 20 years of marketing experience in communications, PR, product development, etc. (self-proclaimed ‘marketing mutt’) in various industries (high tech, finance, B2B, CPG), Debba has grown the girlfriend community online. She employs Twitter, Facebook and other social media methods to further expand the awareness of and traffic on Debba and her team (Penny, Stella and Ellen) are excited at the growth and potential of and invite you to be a part of this thriving, inspiring community!

Debba Haupert, founder of Girlfriendology.cotm), dreamer, entrepreneur, student of social media, animal-lover, wife, and definitely girlfriend, believes in living life with a passion. Recognizing her purpose in life is to connect people and to inspire women to share friendship, she started Girlfriendology with the optimistic idea to make the world a better place. And she can too - if you’re a better friend, you inspire your friends, then your friends will be more caring for their friends, and it can continue to make the world a better, friendlier place! "Plus, girlfriends make women healthier, happier, less-stressed, live longer, and feel prettier. Now isn’t that enough to base a business on?" adds Debba.

Send your stories on Halloween or Fall memories or events with your favorite female friends for our October Contest and take a girlfriend to Starbucks on! (Send your story to or call 206-202-9005 and leave a message with your contact information.)

Have a great story about you and your best friend? Share and inspire others! Participate in their Girlfriend Picture Project. And, check out some other contests too!

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Debba said...

Hi Etienne - thanks so much for featuring Girlfriendology on your blog. Love it - thanks!

Congrats on your site and thanks for inspiring us to maximize our potential and make this world a better place.

Nice to meet you!

Thanks, Debba