Monday, May 31, 2010

Meet Ms Michelle, A Genuine and Committed Lady

Mette and Greet Michelle
If you are looking for the Michelle Watt who is an extremely bubbly Scottish TV presenter, full of warmth and charm, who has amassed over 2,000 hours of live and pre-recorded TV experience, and who is the extremely proud to be the daughter of boxing legend, Jim Watt, now Sky Sports boxing commentator, well, sorry to say, I'm not talking about that Michelle Watt.

However, I am talking about the Michelle Watt who is a learner, a peacemaker, and the lover of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, The Word of God, and people in general. Ms Michelle believes that she is able to love people because God said in His word to "love one another."

Ms Michelle has pleasures that are simple, but profound; she immensely enjoys deep discussions, thoughtful things, and all sorts of music.

No one to imagine anyone more awesome, creative, inspiring and joyous, or loving than God Himself, Ms Michelle is always amazed that anyone could ever considered God as boring.

Playful with stable emotions Ms Michelle has learned to be content in all things, while being motivated toward improvement. Highly affectionate, Ms Michelle loves interacting with both Christian believers and non-believers. A simple, down-home person, Ms Michelle likes variety, but prefers honesty to agreement while being attracted to humbleness.

Here's a Christian lady who likes being upfront with people and delights in meeting new people, among many other interests and hobbies. She dreams of one day having a ministry for battered women, and perhaps extending it to a prison ministry because she loves giving back, after being so blessed.

Ms Michelle's primary purpose is to do business with others who like sharing ideas about how to make money from home.

Ms Michelle is associated with an online company known as Infinity Downline that sells membership to access to training software.

If you are interested, let her know know. Just click below to view her site.

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