Monday, June 18, 2012

Betty Anne Grillo, A Bridge over Troubled Waters to Many

While Betty Anne Grillo's book, Bankruptcy From A to Z: The Path to Financial Hope and Freedom, is not a substitute or replacement for legal advice, it is an invaluable handbook to supplement the process.

In it, Betty Anne explores effective ways to interview an attorney and pick the one best suited your needs. She also investigates all the issues and explains how to avoid falling into the same situation again. Her practical and insightful book offers you hope for a better life before, during, and after bankruptcy.  

Prior to her 18 year career as a Paralegal, Betty Anne worked in the field of automotive finance. Upon graduation from Penn State University and  achievement of her Paralegal status, she made it her mission to transform confusing legal jargon into an empowering, understandable language for the average person.

Visit her site to pick up your copy. 

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