Monday, December 19, 2005

On Friday night, January 27th, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, a very special TAG TEAM facility will open in Atlanta, Georgia for the first time. It is called the TAG TEAM Southeast Production Center.
  • pro-duc-tion: the creation of value or wealth by producing goods and services

  • cen-ter: a place where a particular activity or service is concentrated

We interviewed TAG TEAM President Delxino Wilson de Briano about the new facility. Here's what he had to say about it:

What can you tell us about the upcoming TAG TEAM Production Center in Atlanta?

The new facility is going to be a revolutionary place. Lots of success will be created within those walls. We have been planning to build this new facility for over 5 years now. It literally is a dream come true for Debbie and I, as well as many other TAG TEAM members.

What exactly is a TAG TEAM Production Center?

A Production Center is a type of TAG TEAM Marketing office facility devoted to helping members of TAG TEAM Marketing become productive. By productive I mean producing sales of products and services, gaining new business partners, and the like. By members I mean Sales Representatives and Producers which are members of the TAG TEAM Business Opportunity, and Networkers which are members of the TAG TEAM Network. A TAG TEAM Production Center has specialized spaces and weekly activities for both types of member.

How does this differ from a TAG TEAM Training Center?

The purpose of a TAG TEAM Training Center is primarily the training of TAG TEAM Producers. Training is an important and necessary action in the TAG TEAM System. It is one step, however, in helping members become productive.

What will the new facility do for members of TAG TEAM's Business Opportunity?

The new TAG TEAM Southeast Production Center will be the place where TAG TEAM Business Opportunity Members can learn about TAG TEAM, join the business opportunity, train in an ideal environment, work with hundreds of team members and PRODUCE new sales and new members consistently. In other words, the facility handles it all. In addition to being the place where TAG TEAM members train, it is a place where TAG TEAM members WORK. Members come to the office to make sales, interview new members, hold small and large business presentations, make phone calls to prospects, purchase supplies, work on the Internet, study the TAG TEAM System, you name it. With this Production Center, members can do 90% of their work in the facility along with their teammates.

What will it do for members of the TAG TEAM Network?

There will be lots of activities for Networkers.

First of all, Networkers can attend our weekly TAG TEAM Network Social events at the Production Center. At these events, Networkers can meet other positive, Black, business people and do business together. Networkers can promote their company and products on stage to hundreds of other Networkers that attend each week.

Second, we will be announcing many new services for Networkers in the near future. All of these services will be available at the Southeast Production Center.

What will it do for Customers of TAG TEAM Marketing?

Customers of TAG TEAM Marketing will be able to shop for TAG TEAM merchandise in the new TAG TEAM Store. This retail store will feature all TAG TEAM Products and Services and beautiful displays in a warm Afro-Centric environment. Customers will be able to see all of the merchandise previously only available in the TAG TEAM Online Store. This includes, cell phones, Internet Phone Service boxes (VoIP), clothing, accessories, jewelry, books and more.

What will this facility mean for the Public?

The public will be able to visit the facility to learn about TAG TEAM Marketing, and also participate in a variety of activities including Black Business Seminars, TAG TEAM Network Socials, Service Projects and Special Community Events. The public will also be able to attend TAG TEAM Business Briefings to find out all about the TAG TEAM Business Opportunity.

Wow, that's a lot under one roof! Anything else you'd like to share?

Yes. I'd like to invite the entire TAG TEAM family of members and friends to come out to the Grand Opening in Atlanta, Georgia and share that magic weekend with us. Once we cut that ribbon on January 27th, a new era of productivity and success will begin for the Black community. Also, to anybody interested in the TAG TEAM Business Opportunity . . . NOW is the time to join! The major expansion of TAG TEAM is about to begin.

Thank you for this interview Delxino.

See you at the Grand Opening!


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Anonymous said...

I read through this posting...and I found the mission of "Tag" very seems to be a great way to help people succeed through sales, or any type of productivity. I too have a similar vision and mission and find this very admirable! congratulations! and here is to your success!