Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ted L. Whidden's Providing An Exceptional Free Service

When you go to the website of Creative and Unique Christian Entrepreneur, Mr. Ted L. Whidden, here is what you will find that he has to say:

"Welcome to the family of sites!!!

Our websystem offers businesses and individuals:

* Free Websites

* Free Website Launch

* Free Website Hosting

* Advertise YOUR business

* Free Search Engine Listings

* Featured website advertising

* Free Classified Advertisements

* Online discussions and advertising

* Free Coupon Design and Distribution

* Discussion Groups, Chat Rooms, News, Sports

* Need Services or Contractors? Post your need, reach contractors.

* The Fastest, Cheapest Way to Enhance Your Search Engine Rating

* Free Banner Advertising (Note: All banners belong to members of this system.)

We offer a great number of free advertising, promotional, and networking opportunities to serve both businesses, and individuals. Since we charge nothing to either buyer or seller in our web promotions we are able to make a well balanced offering to both sides. If we are successful in helping both, business and consumers, then each side will make and save money.

For "Examples" click on the picture at the top of this page or any page. Examples of Informative Sites: Example A, or Example B.

There is no cost, nor is there any risk to you. You will find the best results for your pursuit by registering with the system that most closely responds to your geographic region. As an example, our sponsor Ted L. Whidden, who is found in Destin, Florida would find good return for his efforts in the site. Once you register at one site, you should be able to check out any of the family of sites simply by logging in.

We encourage you to immediately register with a regional site for your area, build a mini-website, create a banner advertisement, and set-up a coupon to advertise your services.

Note: We do not install any "cookies" on your system, nor do we have "pop-up" ads, nor do we sell your info. We respect you, and intend to do business with each of you in the future.

Our Sponsor, Ted L. Whidden, is creating unique investment opportunities for key individuals interested in real estate.

By plugging into the vast resources available with our network, we see no geographic bounds in being able to assist large and small transactions.

God bless you, your family, and your business.

Your Friend,

Ted L. Whidden

We provide you with No-cost (FREE!) web promotional tools, including fully searchable worldwide business directory and referral system."

I strongly recommend that you check him out. You won't regret it!


Anonymous said...

What an incredible resource! This guy has over 60 directories/domains. I was able to find myself on an search within a couple of hours of listing my service.

A better place to start in this entrepreneurial maze may be,

At he writes:

We offer and maintain no-cost web design, web launch,
web host, web advertising, including classifieds, banner
advertising, chat rooms and more. Our entire system is a
no-cost (Yes, it is ALL FREE) service building community
and relationships worldwide for the purpose of fulfilling
the Great Commission. We encourage ALL businesses,
ministries, and churches to access our system and utilize
our self-serve, templated system to the maximum benefit
to reach the lost, the found, and those sitting on the
fence. Our project is worldwide in scope, and eternal in
its purpose, destination and plan.

Below you will find a "directory" of many of the geographic
and topical areas we cover. Simply click on the link
closest to your area of interest and commence networking
with those in that area. If there is no one represented in
your area of interest, then this could be your opportunity
to get in on the ground floor of something big. Set up a
profile for what you do, and pray that God will bring in
the harvest.

We encourage all of our members to pray and intercede for
this project, those involved in the project, the businesses
represented, and the families represented. In essence we
are merely "washing feet" electronically and serving the
Body as directed.

The search function above searches many of our directories
and fills part of your search criteria from secular sites as
needed to help serve your search needs. As the data in the
system continues to grow, we hope to fulfill many of your
needs, and the needs of your friends from a location such
as this one.

Anonymous said...

I contacted Ted and he advised that they will soon exceed 10,000 websites at their current growth rate, and they have never charged a client...........They apparently reserve the right to edit or exclude unacceptable content.

At present they are being audited by search engine submission tools, and software companies to include in their advertising packages. This being the case, a person would do well to get in before the rush. This could be something really big...........Even before their launch it is said that every major search engine has a tool or spider hit this massive system every two minutes. This means a quick launch of your idea with fast recognition on the web.