Monday, July 28, 2008

Mark Genovese: Directing Cities All Across America

Mr. Mark Genovese is President and Chief Executive Officer of MANE World Promotions, Inc. and the Founder and Owner of

City-Centers, as a city and state directory, is a progressive link-building opportunity for small business owners. As of April 1, 2008 had over 90 web portals in every city in the United States.

As host of your city, your ads will appear in all 90 portals. After new portals are added to the system, your ads will also appear on all new portals. This will create a growing number of links to your website showing search engine bots that your site is becoming more popular each month giving your site better search engine ranking and a higher position in their index!

Here is where the work comes in:

As Host of your city, all you will need to do is spend an hour or so telling
City-Centers about your city. And you will do so by adding links to your city. Samples of organization and communities to include are non-profit organizations, service clubs (Lion, Rotary, et al.), Chamber of Commerce, schools (private and public), churches, city services, and other information about non-commercial sites located in your city.

That's it! For your help
City-Centers will give you free text ad links to your business domain for life!

Click the button below to visit

and sign up to be your city's Host Master.

1 comment:

cathyromine said...

Hello Mark,

Small World -
I appreciate the way you have helped me with my internet business - Just wanted to put a stamp of approval on what you are saying in this blog.

I definitely fill out directory's in city-centers and highly recommend anyone wanting to jump their rankings to do the same. I dominate first page searches of programs I
promote and know you should be credited for 75% of it...Well I can't say 100% that would be like saying I'm not good at what I do and I'm the best, lol

Thanks Mark - Forever Thankful In Alabama

Cathy Romine

(Thanks for rebuilding my website also, you knew just what to do with the keywords, tags and all that technical stuff I knew zip about! - Your The Best! :)